Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Laying the Groundwork for Financial Success While in College

For 15 years, Barrett Wragg has worked at T. Rowe Price in Maryland, currently serving as a divisional sales manager. When not working, Barrett Wragg enjoys speaking publicly, and has frequently addressed students on matters of personal finance and financial planning. Often, students wonder what they can do to prepare for future financial success while still in school.

In college, preparing for the future means investing in one’s own earning potential through networking opportunities and education. The focus should be less on saving money than preparing to be in a better position to save money after graduation.

At the same time, college students do have some control over their financial futures, especially in terms of debt. Students that focus on keeping their debt to a minimum will pay it off sooner after graduation and have more time to focus on saving for retirement.

College students should take advantage of their position and enroll in some finance classes that talk about money management and investing. The best time to learn about these fundamentals of personal finance is when individuals are still students, so that they can invest with confidence once they are gainfully employed.