Monday, May 9, 2016

Improving One’s Chess Game

Barrett Wragg brings extensive leadership, organization, and consultative sales experience to his role as a divisional sales manager for T. Rowe Price. He has given several presentations on various financial topics over the years and conducted a number of workshops. In his free time, Barrett Wragg enjoys playing chess.

Chess is a popular activity for many people who enjoy the cognitive challenge of the game, but improving one’s skills can often prove elusive. Following are just a few things players can do to get better at chess:

- Improve visualization: the ability to foresee moves on the board is key to figuring out the best moves to make during a match. As players improve their visualization, they can imagine multiple combinations of moves. This makes it easier to evaluate as many outcomes as possible based on different moves.

- Learn from mistakes: no one likes making mistakes, especially when a mistake is made during a tournament game. However, mistakes are some of the best learning tools around. Players looking to improve their chess game should take note of any mistakes they make and evaluate why they happened so they can avoid them in the future.

- Play against better players: one of the best ways of improving in chess is to play against a more skilled opponent. Even when a player loses, he or she learns new techniques and tactics from the more advanced player. Further, some advanced players are happy to share their knowledge with newer players.

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